I am a UX researcher based in Oakland, CA, USA. Most recently, I conducted qualitative research to improve a variety of Google products, including Bard/Gemini, Google's generative AI ChatBot, and Google Assistant, their voice AI. I specialize in moderating, usability and concept testing, in-depth interviews, and qualitative analysis. While I love the daily opportunity of contributing to some of the most innovative ideas in technology, my favorite part of the job is empathizing with people across a spectrum of ages and backgrounds to help them achieve their goals. I am most fulfilled when I work directly with people, thoroughly understand their needs, and give them a voice.
My background as a therapist and expertise in speech science, linguistics, and music performance molded me into a skilled communicator with a talent for inspiring people to be their authentic selves. This allows me to connect with users meaningfully and gain valuable insight into their mental models and emotional states. Using these insights, I deliver thoughtfully-curated and gratifying usability experiences.
When I'm not curating usability experiences that people love, I enjoy expressing myself and learning about human potential. My favorite hobbies are playing clarinet, writing, reading fiction, practicing yoga and oriental dance, having long chats with friends, visiting arts venues, and exploring topics in psychology, philosophy, and physics.

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