I am a UX Designer based in San Francisco. I am also a former speech-language therapist with 5 years’ experience in the field. Having treated hundreds of patients in my clinical practice, I know how to put people first, empathizing with their unique needs and ideating solutions to their problems. Prioritizing the needs of patients translates to prioritizing the needs of users, and I take great care to ensure that my design work reflects this.
My background in speech therapy, linguistics, and music performance means that I am an expert in communication. This helps me connect with people meaningfully, allowing me to gain valuable insight into their mental models and emotional states. I use this understanding to drive my design work, ensuring that I deliver well-researched, enjoyable usability experiences.
What I love most about the field of UX design is the opportunity to empathize with people and help them achieve their goals. I am happiest when I can work directly with people, thoroughly understand their needs, and give them a voice. Consequently, I shine in the researching, interviewing, testing, persona creation, and story-telling stages of the design process.
When I'm not UX-ing, I enjoy expressing myself and learning as much as I can about human potential. Some of my favorite hobbies are playing my clarinet, writing, reading fiction novels, dancing, practicing yoga, exchanging ideas with friends, visiting arts venues, and exploring psychology topics.

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