I'm Varsha, a User Experience Researcher.

Hello and welcome to my UX research showcase! I am a talented researcher and UX consultant with over 3 years' experience delivering actionable, strategic insights on topics spanning health-tech, fin-tech, artificial intelligence (including chatbots and voice assistants), information technology, and consumer insights. I have completed dozens of high-profile, end-to-end research studies for Big Tech using a diverse sampling of qualitative research methodologies across surfaces. Some of my most notable and enjoyable projects included: Google Gemini usability testing & benchmarking; Google Assistant usability testing in wearables, smart home devices, and auto platforms; early-prototype concept testing for Google Search features; and in-depth interviews, literature reviews, and competitive analyses for Google's Consumer Trust team. Please feel free to explore the case studies below for more details, keeping in mind that the client projects I have showcased so far are heavily redacted for confidentiality. More examples are coming soon, but here are a few of my projects: